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With the arrival of #babygirlhearts we’re moving my home studio out of the house and into the garage. Today I’m sharing all about the current state of the garage, including before photos, and what plans I have for the big, renter-friendly renovation.

Photo of the inside of an unfinished garage

If you read my pregnancy update last week, you know that one of the big projects we are trying to tackle before #babygirlhearts arrive is moving my home studio into our garage. Today I’m excited, and let’s be honest a little embarrassed, to share the current state of our garage.

Sometimes Kevin uses it as a office but it’s mostly served as a random storage aka big mess of bikes, grills, cleaning supplies and extra desks. The shelves currently hold extra horse tack, our white Christmas tree, and tons of boxes from electronics. While I’d love to just git rid of everything in this space before moving my supplies in, since our home is tiny, there are some things that will need to stay in this space—like our bikes, the vacuum, mop and broom, the tool chest, and some other small garden supplies.

Let’s jump into a little inspiration, shall we?

Photo of a painted white garage

Painted white shed via 2 Bees in a Pod

Paint it all white

The first step (after clearing out the space and removing the wood shelves) is painting the space all white. Ideally I’d like to have the current unfinished walls insulated and hung with drywall but after a few quotes that’s looking pretty pricey. Since we rent our home, I want this space to be nice but also as cheap as possible.

Move my current shelving

I currently have white Elfa shelving on both walls of my home studio. We had it installed shortly after we moved in at the end of 2015 and it’s been fabulous. This isn’t sponsored but I really can’t recommend Elfa shelving enough. While it’s mostly used for closet organization systems, it makes a great workspace. This will be set up the same way, parallel to each other.

Inspiration board for garage to home office studio makeover

pink rug | diy pom pom curtains | teal pendant light | pink storage basketstencil | white shelving

A little inspiration

Once the space and painted white, I’m thinking it would be fun to paint the concrete floor a bright yellow. It’s one of my favorite colors and I think it would make the space really cheerful. After looking at tons of floor decals (which are crazy expensive), peel and stick vinyl tiles (which would leave a residue if removed), I think stenciling the floors would be the best option to create a custom look. While I adore the look of scalloped tile, I think that would take forever to stencil, so I stumbled upon the polka dot stencil shown above. I think it would be so fun to have white dots scattered across the bright yellow floor.

I’d like to add a colorful, likely bright pink, rug in the center of the space to make it cozy and so baby girl can crawl around there. For a cheap lighting option, a few hanging pendant bulbs can provide light while adding a small pop of color.

Since we’ll still be storing things in the space, I’d like to hang curtains across the back wall to hide some of the items. I love the idea of purchasing cheap white curtains and adding pink, coral, yellow and teal pom poms to them.

A little more color and storage inspiration is below!

Giant DIY mood board by Paper and Stitch

Felt shelf covers via Martha Stewart

GIF of Ikea wall cabinets with curtain hiding items above cabinets

Ikea above cabinet curtains via Apartment Therapy

Have you tackled a similar room transformation? If so, please leave a comment and let me know about your process!







  1. Your inspiration looks amazing! I’m working on a similar project, just not as extensive. We have a family rule that both our cars MUST be able to fit in the garage, so no full studio for me, but I plan to paint a color wall to use as future backdrops and photo opps. Unfinished garages are something. Every time I go in there to start filling in holes, it gets a little overwhelming!

    1. Thanks, Savannah! It’s definitely a big project and we’re really trying to do it as cheap as possible since we rent our home. It’s funny, we always parked our cars in the garage in Florida but our neighbors here in LA thought we were crazy for wanting to do that. Hardly anyone parks their cars in their garages since space is so limited here. Go luck on your project too!

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