DIY Pom Pom Macrame Hanging Planter

Add a little greenery and color to your home by making your own pom pom adorned hanging planter. You don’t need to be a weaving expert to successful create a planter using this easy macrame technique and you can customize the colors to fit your own color palette.

Today’s DIY is by Holly of Club Crafted

I’m a little obsessed with macramé lately. I’ve made three macramé planters for my house now, and I have no sign of stopping, but I felt they needed a little flair. Enter the pom pom! With my latest project, I added colorful embellishments to make a simple pom pom macramé planter that definitely stands out from the rest. I only use the square knot in this project, and I accented the top, middle and bottom with pom poms! Of course, I only use fake plants indoors because I somehow manage to kill everything.

This macramé project is perfect for beginners or pros!


Macramé cord
4-inch macramé hoop
Small pot
Tape measure (optional)
Pom pom maker (optional)


Step 1

Cut 8 pieces of macramé cord 7 feet long.

Step 2

Thread all 8 pieces through the macramé hoop and line up the ends.

Step 3

Cut a piece of yarn about 24 inches long. Hold end at the top of the hoop and loop up the bottom.

Step 4

Wrap the yarn tightly around all pieces of macramé and on top of the yarn, leaving the loop you just made visible. Wrap until desired thickness is reached or you are almost out of yarn.

Step 5

Thread the end through the loop and pull up on the strand at the top. This will pull up the loop and secure the wrap. Trim excess yarn.

Step 6

Separate the strands of cord into sections of 4.

Step 7

About 8 inches down, make the first knot. This uses a square knot. You can either eye the marks or use a tape measure/ruler to ensure each section is even (recommended).

Step 8

I start on the left (but either side is fine). To make the square knot, cross the left side over the two middle strands and under the right. Pull the right side under the middle strands and up through the loop.

Step 9

Repeat on the opposite side (right). This creates one square knot. Repeat 5 times on each group of strands, measuring as needed so they are all even.

Step 10

Separate the strands. Grab two from the right knot and two from the left to create the next set of knots.

Step 11

Measure another 5 inches down (give more space for a larger pot) and make another 5 square knots. Repeat, separating the strands of each group. Eventually, you will need to turn your work over to finish all knots.

Step 12

Now, make 6 pom poms! Trim as needed to even the sides, but leave one strand long enough to attach to the plant hanger.

Note, I made four smaller pom poms and two larger ones.

Step 13

Attach one pom pom to the top of the hanger by wrapping it around and knotting it. Then attach four pom poms to the first row of macramé knots by wrapping around the middle strands and knotting.

Step 14

Place the pot in between the second row of knots so that the knots sit around the pot. Repeat the wrap knot from the top of the hanger to hold the pot in place.

Step 15

Lastly, tie a pom pom to the bottom of the hanger and cut excess string so that they are all even, about 6 inches long. Unravel ends if desired.

Now it’s ready to hang! Fill the pot and place back inside the macramé planter. Screw a hook tightly into your ceiling and hang the planter by the hoop.





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