Pregnancy Update – 22 weeks

Sharing all about what I’ve been eating, sleeping, wearing, and feeling on my second #babygirlhearts update at 22 weeks. Read more to see how the past month has gone now that we’re officially more than half way through this pregnancy!

Photo of the famous pink door in Palm Springs with blogger Sarah Khandjian

Photo snapped last weekend in front of the Instagram-famous #thatpinkdoor

#babygirlhearts 22 weeks pregnancy update

Time is just flying by and we’ve officially passed 22 weeks this week! Last weekend, we took a quick 48 hour babymoon to Palm Springs to hang out by a pool, bike, and most importantly eat at all the best spots in the city.

EATING: Still wanting all the carbs and all things sweet but trying my hardest to reduce my carb and sugar in take before I have my glucose test next month. The struggle is real, you guys.

DRINKING: I’ve never liked sparkling water but I’ve suddenly been ok with it. I’m not hardcore La Croix all day everyday now but I did buy one case this week. I’m also savoring my one, small iced latte a day.

READING: How to Grow a Baby and Push it Out by Clemmie Hooper. After someone suggested it last month, I found a used copy on Amazon (because it’s impossible to find in the states) and so far I’ve enjoyed the honest, funny perspective of pregnancy by the week from a midwife across the pond. Do you have any other reads for first-time moms? Please let me know!

WANTING: The garage to home studio/office makeover to happen like yesterday. Now that we’re on the downhill with this pregnancy, I’ve getting anxious (ok I really mean crazy stressed) about getting this done ASAP and on the cheap. My current home studio (aka the second bedroom in our 2 bedroom bungalow) is going to become the nursery, and our garage is going to become my studio. While we rent, we’re trying to figure out how to balance making the currently unfinished garage into a bright, workable space without spending a ton of money since it’s not our home at the end of the day. Any suggestions? I’m planning on sharing a before and inspiration post on this soon.

SLEEPING: Still relying on my Target body pillow and getting Charlie horses in my calves a few times a week. Sleeping on my left side is pretty much the only way I’m comfy now.

WEARING: I’ve officially sewn 4 dresses and 1 top and I’m living in all of them! I’ll be sharing a separate post about all the maternity clothing I’ve sewn but I’ve had so much fun doing this. And I’ve honestly liked having a really limited wardrobe. It’s made getting dressed easier everyday (while I may not say this when I’m feeling really huge towards the end of the pregnancy) and made me want to try a much more limited, capsule-ish wardrobe post baby.

FEELING: Somedays I feel like I can conquer the world (re: I worked nearly 11 hours on Tuesday) and other days I’m so tired I fall asleep at my desk while replying to emails. But all-in-all I’ve feeling crazy blessed to have had a really “easy” pregnancy thus far. My chronic foot pain has really lessened for the first time ever and I’ve only had one migraine. I had heard that chronic conditions sometimes get better for some women during pregnancy and I’m feeling oh-so-thankful that I’ve been one of them. Now, here’s to praying that both conditions stay this way post baby!

LOVING: We’re pretty sure we decided on a name but we’re going to keep it a surprise until after she’s born. But I’m loving it so much and thinking about it all the time!




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