2013 Calendars

The best 2013 wall calendars.

2013 Calendar Round-Up via sarahhearts.com

I’ve always hung a gorgeous wall calendar in my home office and in our kitchen. So as 2013 is quickly approaching I’ve been searching for a new calendar. Here are some of my favorites, including the Stendig Calendar, which I’ve gifted to Kevin for the past 5 years. It’s become a little tradition for us, and now I think I will always get him the calendar as a Christmas gift (as long as it’s always available!).  I’ve also included some tea towels with calendar prints because I think they are a lovely and ptractical item in the kitchen.

Which calendar would you gift this holiday season?

1. NPR 2013 Calendar / 2. Russel and Hazel 2013 Tissue Calendar / 3. Snow and Graham 2013 Wall Calendar / 4. Avril Loreti 2013 Tea Towel Calendar / 5. Yours is the Earth 2013 Tea Towel Calendar / 6. 2013 Stendig Calendar / 7. Paper Source 2013 Large Wall Calendar

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