DIY Duck Tape Individual Halloween Candy Bags

Quickly make individual treat bags for Halloween using Duck tape and paper glassine bags. Keep reading for full tutorial and free printable.

Halloween is just around the corner and much like last year, I’m thinking about ways we can safely hand out candy to friendly trick or treaters. I partnered with Duck Brand to create a super easy tutorial for creating individual Halloween candy bags. These fun treat bags can be assembled quickly using supplies you might already have on hand and are perfect for neighborhood trick or treaters or for classroom treats.

Keep reading for the step-by-step tutorial and to download my free printable tag design!


Duck Tape (I used Neon Orange, Neon Green, and Fluorescent Lilac)
Non-stick scissorsnot a requirement but makes cutting the tape so much easier
Glassine bags, 3″ x 4″ or larger
Assortment of wrapped candy

Printable Halloween Tags File
Cardstock paper


Step 1

Download the free Printable Halloween Tags File and print it out on cardstock. Use scissors to cut out the small cards.

Write your name or your child’s name on each one.

Step 2

Trim about 1″ off the top of the glassine bags. Since they are thin, you can stack 5 or more and trim them simultaneously.

Fill the bags with your favorite wrapped Halloween candy.

Step 3

Cut a piece of solid Duck Tape that’s slightly wider than the width of the glassine bags. Place the tape on top of one of the printable tags and then place the entire strip along the top of one bag full of candy.

Fold the top edge of the tape towards the back so it sticks to the back of the glassine bag and seals it closed. Use scissors to trim the left and right sides of the tape. Repeat to make more bags.

Want more color? Layer the Tape!

If you want to customize your treat bags even more, layer several colors of tape to create unique patterns. I like to cut out waves and layer them as shown in the photo above. It almost looks like slime which is appropriate for Halloween, don’t you think? You can also create easily create stripes with the tape too.

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