New Packaging for Sarah Hearts Labels

Sarah Hearts woven labels are packaging in custom designed, recyclable kraft paper envelopes. Learn the story behind the new design.

A couple weeks ago I shared all about the newest labels in my woven label collection. Today I’m sharing something else that’s new in the shop—new packaging for all labels!

Since first launching my woven labels last August, I have been searching for and designing various packaging methods. I’ve long been looking for the ideal packaging that would show off the labels, be recyclable, and still cost effective because the last thing I wanted to do was have to increase my pricing because the packaging was so expensive.

If you ordered labels on launch week you might haven been lucky enough to receive my OG packaging, a kraft paper bag stamped with my logo. Version two of my packaging, which tbh, has worked really well, features a tiny clear bag with a wrap around label with a short little note and product barcode on back. But all the while, I had been dreaming up a better packaging.

I had considered making reusable plastic pouches, got samples made and absolutely loved them but ultimately decided to go another route. I hated the idea that more plastics could potentially go into landfills rather than be reused. While I think many people would have found so many uses for this packaging style, I went back to the drawing board, which for me, is Adobe Illustrator. I started designing this envelope from a rectangle and meticulously tweaked it, mocked it up using my Cricut, and tweaked it some more until it was ready to go.

What did I end up designing? This adorable small, kraft paper envelope package that features a small window. It shows off the labels well without requiring them to be meticulously arranged inside like my previous packaging. The window has a fun, scalloped edge which I adore. Oh and it even has a hole for hanging, making it perfect for my retail partners—and for hanging on craft room pegboards.

The back has a little description about the product and a place to put barcode stickers, which you will see if you purchase my labels from one of my stockists. It also has a small tab which means the envelopes are resealable so you can use them long after you’ve used up all your labels. Perfect for storing needles, buttons, and more. And when you’re finally done with the packaging, you can recycle it! The envelope is made from recycled kraft paper board and the window is made from a tiny piece of PVC which makes this a mixed paper material (recycling code #7), and can likely can be recycled from your home. But as with all home recycling, you should check with your community to see what materials are accepted.

There you have it, my new packaging for all my woven labels! I’m so thrilled to share it with you and I hope you love it as much as I do!


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