New Woven Label Collection is Now Available

My newest collection of woven labels is now available! Keep reading to see all 19 new designs!

The Fall Collections is Here!

I’m so excited to finally share that my newest label collection is now available in the shop! I’ve been busily working behind the scenes on this new collection of 10 products (19 original designs total) for the past couple of months and I’m thrilled to finally be able to share it with you. In this post I’m going to dive deeper into each label and share what inspired these fun designs.

If you’re new around here, one year ago I launched my own fabric and woven label collection. Super high quality products, all designed by me, made for bringing joy to your own creative textile projects—whether that be a gift for a friend’s new baby, making your first wearable garment, or just adding a special detail that fabulous top you just thrifted. Beautiful, affordable materials for making your own DIY projects as unique as you. That was my goal when I launched the collection and it just brings me so much joy to see you all enjoying the products too!

So let’s get to it—here’s a look at all 10 new woven labels that are now available in the shop.

Animal Friends

This is a multipack of four fun animals: a dog, a cat, a bunny, and a bear all in a bright coordinating color palette. There’s enough extra space on the top of these labels that they can be used for a wide variety of projects. They would be perfect for sewing into the seams of a soft, baby toy or folded over and placed on the hem of kids clothing. They can also be used on new and old clothing to help your kids identity which side is the back . You can even pick one animal for each child so they know who’s clothing is whose when helping sort the laundry. The possibilities are endless with these fun labels, which by the way, are double sided too!

Daisy Multipack

This simple pack of daisy labels has been in my heads since I first designed the yellow daisy labels. I always found myself wanting to add a small detail on the outside of projects—pocket seams, shirts, bags and more. And since the yellow daisy is one of my most popular designs it was meant to be! This pack of labels features 4 unique daisies, all first drawn by hand, each on a solid background. And the bonus? Each label is double sided! In each pack you’ll find 2 lavender, 2 yellow, 2 coral, and 2 mint labels.

Made in the Mountains

This is the first in what I’m calling my “destination series.” A collection of labels for makers in various locations because I believe there’s not only pride in where we live but also so much inspiration too. This pack features a beautiful mountain landscape with a metallic gold sun peeking behind the mountains. The back of the label features a silhouette of pine trees too.

Made in the Desert

The second label in the designation series and colors that I’m just smitten over. This label is for all you desert makers and features a desert landscape with a metallic gold sun in the background. This label is also double sided and has the rust orange landscape design on back.

Houseplant Multipack

If you’ve been following me for a few years then this label pack look familiar—it was inspired by one of my most popular wallpaper illustrations. The houseplant wallpaper, which is still available for download btw, has long been one of my favorite wallpapers as well and I’ve always thought it would make such a fun series of labels. This multipack features 4 unique double sided designs: a cactus, a monstera, a snake plant, and an aloe plant all in cute, mid century style containers.

Hecho Por Mi

Since first launching my woven labels last August, I have wanted to offer labels in Spanish. Not only is there a hue hole in the market for them, this collection is so special to me. I’m half Cuban and come from a family of seamstresses who used their skills to not only create beautiful things but also to also make their lives better for their families. So without question, the first label in this collection would be my most popular label design—now in Spanish! The same beautiful metallic gold thread with the cutest little rainbow and the words, “hecho por mi” on the bottom.

Hecho por Mamá

Making things for your kids? Then these labels are a must! They are small enough to work well on baby and toddler clothing but would also be cute on blankets, toys and more. These labels are folded on the short ends which means they can easily be added to already finished projects, including ready made t-shirts that you decorated with heat transfer vinyl and more!

Hecho Por Abuela

And here’s the labels for all the abuelas making lovely things for their grandkids. Just like the “hecho por mama” labels, these labels are also small and soft to the touch. Making them perfect for pjs, quilts and more. And they are also folded on the ends which means they can easily be added to both the inside and outside of projects.

Metallic Horseshoe – iron on label

The last two new labels in the collection are something very new to my offering—iron on labels! These mini labels are intended for sewists and non-sewers alike and feature adhesive on the back making them so easy to use. Just use a dry iron on medium to adhere the labels onto fabric* and you are good to go. for extra reenforcement the labels can always be sewn into place.

This label style was inspired by my mom! Since she lives on a farm she often has horse laundry to do, rags, saddle pads and more. And she told me she needed labels on her towels to help keep them separate from the other items in the laundry area. And that’s how these came to be! The illustration on the labels was taken from my DIY painted horseshoe project and features metallic gold horseshoes with blue color blocking.

*Make sure your fabric can handle the heat of an iron before applying the labels. A test in a non-visible area is always recommended.

Paw Print – iron on label

The 10th label in my new collection is similar to the horseshoe label in that it’s a small label with iron on adhesive on the back. It features a rust color paw print, which I drew after taking a photo of my dog’s paw. These tiny tags would be perfect on dog towels, packable dog bowls, pet bandanas and even pet clothing!

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my new label collection and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! What’s your favorite new design? Please leave a comment and let me know!

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