Hand Screen Printed Fabric Pillows

Use fabric scraps to create DIY pillow covers.

Hand Screen Printed Fabric Pillows | Sarah Hearts

This week I’ve been adding the finishing touches to our nearly zero-budget bedroom makeover. One of the things I’ve been wanting to add were a few decorative throw pillows. Much to Kevin’s disliking (doesn’t it seem like all men loathe throw pillows?) I won and added these three like pillows.

I purchased two cushions from Jo-Ann’s for 50% off then I used some hand-screen printed fabric that I picked up from The DryGoods Shop in Asheville. I was a bit lazy on the olive green one so please don’t mind my terrible stitching. I made up for my awful sewing on the yellow one and added a fancy (but really easy to do) hidden zipper.

Hand Screen Printed Fabric Pillows | Sarah Hearts

I absolutely love the mix of patterns and textures. We already had the West Elm red heart pillow, I just added it to the mix because I love things in odd numbers.

Hand Screen Printed Fabric Pillows | Sarah Hearts-5

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  1. Hello!
    I love your pillows. I just happened upon them as I was cruising the internet and realized you used my fabric. I love to see what people make out of it.
    Thanks so much!

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