Yellow and Gray Bedroom

Details of our freshly painted yellow and grey master bedroom.

Now that we’ve been in our house just over a year we are finally almost done with our bedroom. When we moved in we immediately began working on the den (formerly called the “wood room“). Then we moved to the living room, office and guest room. We left our room for last because we wanted to focus on the areas guests would see.

When we moved in the bedroom walls were ivory and all the trim was a dark khaki. We wanted to lighten up the space and I had long been in love with yellow and gray so it seemed like the logical choice. We used yellow and gray (plus orange) for our wedding back in 2008 and I loved it. We purchased the gray and white Marimekko duvet right when got married. We wanted to save some money so we kept the same bedding and furniture when we bought our house. Because the duvet is white and grey yellow was our first choice for the wall color. We went with Buttered Sweet Corn by Glidden in an eggshell finish. The coverage was great! We only needed one coat with minor touch ups.

One weeked my father-in-law was in town he hung the ceiling fan for us. It’s Hunter and we purchased it from Home Depot (I can’t remember the model name of hand). It’s simple and looks so much better than the once was white now yellow and grayed fan that was there.

About 2 months ago Kevin decided that he wanted to mounted the tv in the living room and the one in the bedroom. He cut the wall, ran the wires, and cleaned up after installing the living room mount in less than 2 hours. Then we tried to mount the one in the bedroom… 2 days later and 4 trips to Home Depot and it was complete. We came across an obstacle, a 2″ x 4″ obstacle to be exact. We ended up using a flexible drill bit to cut a hole though the piece of wood (which we later learned is called a fire wall… I think…).

Remember how I drew our silhouettes for our birthday decorations? We will loved them so much I had them giclée prints made on thick, ivory colored Reeves BFK paper. I found these frames at JoAnn Fabrics a couple of weeks ago for only $9 each.

The last project we have in the bedroom is changing the door handles on the accordion closet doors. The previous home owners installed door handles that are brass die-cut Chinese characters. Not quite our style and unfortunately, they are not a standard size. The holes they cut in the doors to install them are not in a straight line. So it’s been impossible to find replacements. When that project is done, I will definitely before and after photos.

Do you happen to have a gray and yellow bedroom? If not, what color palette did you use in your bedroom?


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