Pet Spring Cleaning with Febreze

I’m sharing my favorite ways to pick up pet messes! Everything from keeping dog toys and supplies organized to how to keep your home fresh. Because even though I’m a big animal person, I don’t want our house to smell like one!

It seems like everyone is in the spring cleaning mode thanks to Netflix. While I’ve been on the tidy train for quite a while (I read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up years back when it was first released), I do like to use the changing of seasons as a time to overhaul the house. Having a baby in addition to a beloved fur baby in our home means come spring, it’s in dire need of a thorough cleaning, that’s for sure!

I’ve partnered with Febreze to share some of my favorite pet-focused spring cleaning tips. Maybe you’re new to pet ownership or, like me, have loved a pet for many years and want an easier way to clean up after your pets. If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know all about our foxhound Daisy whom we adopted from a hound rescue in central Florida back in 2014. And while thankfully Daisy doesn’t shed too much, one of the downsides of hound dog ownership is the smell. Anyone else with a hound know what I mean? The best way to describe it is that just a couple days back from the groomer and she smells like a dust filled vacuum cleaner. She’s like a cuddly tricolor dust bunny, or rather, dust Daisy!

That’s where Febreze comes to the rescue!

Eliminating Pet Oders

Even though I’m an animal person through and through, I don’t want my home to smell like one (or 10). Because no one wants to be known as the house that smells like a dog. Febreze AIR Heavy Duty Pet Odor Eliminator is a quick and simple way to freshen up your home after a thorough spring cleaning and in between cleanings. Just a quick spritz in the air and that dog smell is replaced with a light, fresh scent. I like to wash Daisy’s dog bed, give her a bath and then spray this in the air for a major home refresh.

While we don’t let Daisy on the furniture (she has a fancy dog bed that she adores) the upholstery in our tiny living room, the couch and area rug, end up smelling rather hound-ish. That’s when I turn to Febreze FABRIC Pet Odor Eliminator. This handy spray eliminates pet odors from fabric. It would also be useful to freshen up window coverings and other fabrics that pets might adore.


Favorite Pet Organizational Items

Having been a dog mom twice over, I’ve found some favorite ways to keep all the other pet gear tidy too. Here are my top items that are as functional as good looking for keeping all those pet items organized.

Woven storage basket – a must for all those toys (and works corralling kid’s toys and shoes too, which inevitability also become pet toys). Toss in a cute rainbow colored rope and woof plush toy.

Silicone pet food mat – a chic way to protect your floors and contain water bowl and food messes. Dishwasher safe too.

Febreze AIR Heavy Duty Pet Odor Eliminator and Febreze FABRIC Pet Odor Eliminator – because no one wants their house to smell like a vet’s office.

Pet food can covers and metal storage basket – for storing canned pet food.

Air-tight storage container – for all those treats you give your pets! Use a white paint pen to write the word “treats” on it in a pretty script.

Large airtight dry food storage container and flexible scoop – for storing pet food and dispensing it.

How do you plan on spring cleaning your home this season? While spring cleaning can feel like a chore, managing pet odor is one thing you don’t have to sweat. Check your local Walmart to pick up your own Febreze Pet products!

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