Gray and Yellow Room Decor

Add some gray and yellow to a room in your home with these unique pieces.

I just took the last friend to the airport after a very full week (and several months of planning) of Playlist Live. I am so very proud of my hubby for putting on such an awesome event. I’m spending the week cleaning up the house and today I wanted to share some of my favorite yellow and gray home decor finds.

We are using this palette in our bedroom and I love it! I have a few more things to hang up then I will post photos soon. I am happily finding this color palette everywhere. Above are a few of my favorite citrus and slate decor items.

1. Woods wallpaper.
Marimekko Saarni Yellow Bed Linens.
Slice 18″x12″ pillow.
Carly Chair with Anjou Yellow Frame.
Colias Bird Cage.
Festival Rug.
Doily Rug.


  1. I LOVE those rugs and that pillow – I’ve seen a lot of mustard and teal lately and love the combo but I’m kind of sick of it already, its not something I could live with in a room long term, but I think the lower half of this palette board you put together could have real staying power. It’s a really comforting color set but unexpected.

  2. My husband has this colour scheme in his new office but in a very modern, masculine style. If you go darker with the grey, the yellow can be very bright but still stay serious :)

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