Printable Toothpick Topper Template

Make your own toothpick toppers with this customizable template.

I’m a big fan of cupcakes. I think it’s because I’m a big fan of cake and small things. They are the perfect combination of my loves. So in honor of the cupcake, here’s a free customizable template to make your own cupcake toothpick toppers.

They are perfect for weddings, birthdays, or just because. The Word template includes the red hearts shown above. It also has a place for you to type in whatever you please. I made the ones above with our wedding date. You could add your initials, monogram, age, or anything else you wish.

I used the free font, Later On. To learn how to assemble the toppers, check out my simple tutorial.

Download the Word Toothpick Topper template.


  1. I love the way the new site looks and as always thanks for all the great ideas. I used your sewing paper idea (the curtain you made out of paper circles) and sewed my daughters picture onto her birthday invites. They came out so cute much better than if I would have glued them. I used red thread that framed the pic perfectly.

  2. Karina: I’m so glad that DIY inspired you!

    Sarah: If you’re using a Mac, you follow the link “Later On” and click download. Then locate where it downloaded on your computer (usually in your home folder > downloads). Then double-click on the font file. This will open the font in Font Book. Then click install. If you’re on a PC, I’m not sure, but this link should help!

  3. Hi Sarah! Thank you so much for this awesome template! I love using your creation for my daughter’s birthday parties. I received so many compliments thanks to you!

    1. Hi Cherry, I used regular colored card stock that’s probably around 65 lb. You can find it at any craft supply store in the scrapbooking section.

  4. Hi! I love these topper’s! question though… did you double them up or are they just 1 sided? Also how did you attach them to the toothpick (if that is what you used)


    1. Hi Jill! Yes, I doubled them up to make them two-sided. I just placed a small piece of double-sided tape in between to hold everything together.

  5. Hiya and thanks so much for the free template. Wondering what size the circle measures? Keen to buy a circle cutter in the right size.

    Thanks! xxx

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