Tuesday Morning Craft Supply Haul

I recently visited my local Tuesday Morning to stock up on craft supplies! Keep reading to see all the amazing deals I got plus what I made with the supplies! DIY projects include a magnetic dry erase menu board, pom pom magnets and more.

One thing I’ve learned about myself recently is that I always need to be creating something. Since a young age I’ve been someone who loves to make things. Creating, making and crafting has been a part of my daily life for as long as I can remember. But it wasn’t coming down with a cold a couple weeks ago and not being able to craft that I realized how important creating was to me. I was so under the weather that I didn’t even walk into my home studio for nearly a week! And after I was on the mend, the first thing I knew I needed to do was to create something. And it was perfect timing since Tuesday Morning invited me to visit my local store to shop for craft supplies!

If you’re not familiar with Tuesday Morning, they have almost 700 stores across the U.S. and feature name-brand products at super low prices. They have a mix of home goods, kitchen gear, bedding, rugs, seasonal decor and my favorite category—craft supplies!

On my recent trip to the Santa Monica store, I headed straight to the craft supply aisle and got some many great items. This haul included acrylic paint, a variety of paint brushes, watercolor paper and Bristol board sheets, readymade pom poms, vinyl and other supplies for my cutting machine, notebooks and framed magnetic boards. And the best part is that everything was so affordable! Which is huge because over the years I’ve found that supplies for DIY projects can add up very quickly and while I throughly enjoy the creative process, I don’t want to go broke to do it. Can you relate?

One of my finds were these great wood framed magnetic boards. They were $9.99 each (compared to the estimated value of $19.99) so I picked up two. They even had a large one that would have made an awesome seating chart for a wedding or party. While they look great on their own, I thought they would be a fun starting point for a little DIY. I also purchased shimmery gold adhesive vinyl, transfer tape and a new cutting mat. In just a few minutes I designed a simple weekly planner and cut it out using my Cricut cutting machine. Which by the way, if don’t have a Cricut cutting machine, I’ve spotted them at Tuesday Morning for an unbelievable price. Now we have a weekly meal planning dry erase board to put in the kitchen. And if I ever want to repurpose it, it would make a great weekly project planner too.

I decided to use the second board as an inspiration board for upcoming projects; a small, real life Pinterest board. To do this, I simply took the readymade pom poms I purchased for $1.99 (for a set of 4) and used super glue to attach round magnetics to the back of each one. Now I have playful magnets to hold paint samples, fabric swatches and more onto the board. And the bonus is that I didn’t have to make the pom poms myself, which I admit can be a tedious task.

One of my springtime goals was to get back into painting. It’s a hobby of mine that I enjoy so much but haven’t done in so long. I picked up a large set of acrylic paints and an extra set of primary colors along with some new brushes to get me started. I can’t wait to do more of this!

I also stocked up on watercolor paper and Bristol board pads. I like keeping these on hand because they can be used for so many different projects. For this project, I watered down the acrylic paint and used the large paint brushes to create simple washes of color on the paper. Once dry, I cut them into heart shapes and rectangles to use as backers for my acrylic earrings. Such a simple way to create a beautiful gift and perfect for Valentine’s Day too. You can swap out earrings for another jewelry item like a necklace or tape a gift card onto the cards to always have a gift ready to go.

Next, I cut the same painted paper into long strips to create bookmarks. I used a little super glue to attach readymade pom pom tassels I purchased to create colorful bookmarks. These would also make a fun gift paired with a great book or pretty notebook, like the black and white spotted one shown here that I got for only $2.99.

The last fun project I made with supplies I picked up at Tuesday Morning was this t-shirt for myself! I purchased the red heat transfer vinyl and cutting mat for less than half the estimated retail price for both supplies. I thought it would be funny to make a t-shirt that said “always tired” for a while but when I found the red vinyl I knew it would make a fun Valentine’s Day inspired t-shirt. Now this mama has a fun and very relatable shirt to wear while running around town.

Whether you’re new to crafting or have been a lifelong crafter like me, you’ll find something that inspires you in store. And the items are refreshed on a regular basis so you’ll find new treasures each time you shop! Use the store locator to find the store closest to you to shop for your favorite supplies and get making.


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