Scotch Color & Pattern Duct Tape DIY Jewelry Organizer

Learn how to make a colorful jewelry organizer using duct tape.

Scotch Color & Pattern Duct Tape DIY Jewelry Organizer | Sarah Hearts

I love fashion jewelry. A lot. And it’s kinda a funny thing because I own a few diamond necklaces and a couple strings of pearls (including a gorgeous string of ivory pearls I inherited from my grandmother) but I seem to wear my fashion pieces the most. The necklaces are just piled up on the top of my tall dresser and my large earrings are stored in a little porcelain dish.

I decided to create an organizer for my fashion jewelry and also give the Scotch Color & Pattern Duct Tape a test run. This way my most worn pieces can be accessible (because I’m usually grabbing a bauble necklace or putting on earrings as I walk out the door) and look lovely sitting on top of our dresser. I thought the tape would be a great material to use because it would be an instant way to add bright color and pattern to the jewelry display.

Scotch Color & Pattern Duct Tape DIY Jewelry Organizer | Sarah Hearts

Scotch Color & Pattern Duct Tape DIY Jewelry Organizer | Sarah Hearts

I started out by sketching my idea on paper (nearly all my DIY and design project begin on paper). I decided to use the yellow and white tape to create a color blocking look. I can’t get enough of patterns so I chose to use the Paisley Princess tape on the background.

After sketching my idea I searched around my office for a couple other supplies. I found some cork scraps and an old frame. I love when I’m able to get every last bit of use out of supplies. Then I got to work! Here’s step-by-step photo of how I made this adorable spring-colored jewelry organizer.

Scotch Color & Pattern Duct Tape DIY Jewelry Organizer | Sarah Hearts1. Draw it! I sketched out my ideas with pencil and paper. / 2. Gather your supplies! I used thick cork scraps, an old flat frame, scissors, three push pins, and Scotch Color & Pattern Duct Tape in Sunshine Yellow, Hot Pink, Pearl White and Paisley Princess. / 3. Cut the cork to fit the frame. Use the tape to adhere it to the frame backing. Draw a diagonal line across the cork and frame. / 4. Cover the bottom section with the tape. Wrap the ends around the back side of the cork sheet. / 5. Repeat this step to cover the rest of the cork sheet. / 6. Use the tape to cover the entire frame. Since my frame was black, I had to cover it with 2 layers of tape. 7. Cut 3 strips of tape a little bit longer than the width of the frame. Fold them in half lengthwise so you have three narrow pieces. Braid them together then tape the ends to the cork sheet. / 8. Place the entire cork sheet in the frame and secure it with a few pieces of tape. Then place the push pins in the cork and you’re ready to display your baubles and beads!

For more ways to use Scotch Color & Pattern Duct Tape, check out their Pinterest boards and Facebook page. There are some really clever (and simple) project ideas!

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This post is a collaboration with Scotch® Color & Pattern Duct Tape, but words and opinions are my own.


  1. I really like this idea! Beats keeping them in hidden in a drawer and you could do any color combination you wanted.

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