How to Remove Old Shower Doors

Tips on removing sliding shower doors.

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After I shared how I updated our guest bathroom, I received many requests to show how I removed the old sliding shower doors. Unfortunately, I was demo-ing like a mad woman and didn’t snap many photos. I’d still love to share a few things I learned after removing my second set of shower doors (I previously removed the shower doors from our master bathroom).

How to Remove Old Shower Doors | Sarah Hearts

I started with a regular size screw driver and just removed all the screws that held the metal door frame in place. Be careful to not let everything fall on you when you do this. I’d recommend having someone hold the frame when you remove the last couple of screws so that doesn’t happen to you!

How to Remove Old Shower Doors | Sarah Hearts

After you have the shower doors out, you need to remove the old caulking. I found this Kobalt single blade scraper to be seriously indispensable when you’re removing the old caulking. It’s only a $3 and is so much easier to use than a single razor blade.

How to Remove Old Shower Doors | Sarah Hearts

Our shower door was attached with screws that were anchored directly into the tile. My super handy dad recommended this awesome tip when removing anchors from tile. All you need to do is place a screw half way in the anchor. Make sure it’s slightly smaller than the hole. Then use a vise grip to grab the nail head. Tug on it a bit and the screw and anchor will pop right out! Thanks for the tip, dad!

Once you remove the anchors and all the old caulking you will need to fill in the holes. I used a caulking gun to apply sanded grout caulk into each hole. Then I used a paper towel to clean up the tile. This worked pretty well, but as with most caulking, it tends to shrink in damp areas (like showers). I’m planning to try another method using Bondo and tile paint. I’ll let you know how that works out.

I hope my tips are helpful! Have you removed dated shower doors? I’d love to hear your tips!


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