DIY Floral Stencil Tote Bag Mother’s Day Gift

Grab a tote bag, stencils and paint to create a beautiful Mother’s Day gift at home. This pretty multi-purpose bag can be used for bringing mom breakfast in bed or for leaving a loved one a meal.

Use paint to decorate a tote bag for an easy Mother's Day gift

Mother’s Day is next month and if you’re like me, the only think you really want for Mother’s Day right now is childcare, am I right? While I admit, it’s kinda odd to think about holidays right now when our daily lives have been turned upside down. Yet at the same time, I think a fun, kid-friendly DIY project is just what we could all use, so today I’m sharing my simple floral stenciled tote bag that was originally intended as a Mother’s Day gift but it can have so many more uses too.

You might already have a solid colored tote bag around the house or you want to get a new one. Either way, you just need a few craft supplies to personalize it and make it a lovely gift for your mom, partner, sister or neighbor. You can find all the Martha Stewart supplies I used at Michaels, which now offers curbside pickup in limited stores. If your local store is currently closed you can order online too!

Carefully remove stencils from bag once complete

Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Craft Paint has long been one of my favorite supplies to use because it works on virtually every surface, including fabric! Just heat set it by popping the finished, dry tote in the dryer for 1 cycle and you’re good to go.

Supplies needed for a DIY stenciled tote bag

DIY Floral Stencil Tote Bag


Large cotton canvas tote bag
Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Craft Paint
I used Neon Solar Flare, Pink Piñata, Pineapple Yellow, Mermaid, Aqua, and Rock Candy Blue
Martha Stewart Floral Stencil
Martha Stewart Floral Alphabet Stencil
Martha Stewart foam pouncers
Paint palette, I use a reusable flat ceramic plate
Painter’s tape

Use scissors to make individual stencils

Step 1

Use scissors to cut around each shape to make separate stencils.

Step 2

Place a scrap piece of cardboard or thick paper inside the bag to prevent the paint from bleeding through to the other side. Remove the clear plastic backing from each stencils and place them on the front of the tote bag with the adhesive side down.

Use the foam pouncers to apply paint to the stencil, one color at a time. I found it easiest to hold the stencils in place using painter’s tape. This also provides a larger margin on the edges of each stencil making it easier to paint with a larger foam pouncer.

I placed the stencils in a random arrangement on the front of the tote bag for an all-over pattern look.

Step 3

Once complete, carefully remove the stencils. Place them on the white backing sheet that was included when the stencils to store them.

DIY Stenciled mom zippered pouch

Add an extra special touch to the bag using floral alphabet stencils! This tote includes a removable zippered pouch inside and makes a fun place for adding personalization like a name or monogram.

How to Gift It

Tote bags have so many uses which is why they make great gifts! Here are some of my favorite ways you can use what you already have at home to turn it into a complete gift.

  1. You can fill the personalized tote with her favorite art or craft supplies as a creative self-care package.
  2. Roll up a bath towel, make her a sugar scrub, and grab a candle for spa retreat at home.
  3. Bake her favorite cookies, place them in a reusable food storage bag and include a new book to read (my friend Rachel’s book, Hello Color, is so inspiring for all those maker-mamas out there).
  4. Bring her breakfast in bed by filling it with a cozy blanket, bottle of juice or hot coffee and homemade breakfast in a bento box.
  5. Fill it with a picnic blanket, charcuterie and a bottle of wine for a simple date-night at home.


Head over to Michaels to order your supplies today and make something beautiful!


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