Pregnancy Update – 32 weeks

Sharing my monthly pregnancy update today at 32 weeks. Baby girl is officially 2 months away from her arrival!


Wednesday marked 32 weeks and now baby girl is officially just 2 months (or less!) away from her arrival. Writing that just now, simultaneously makes so excited and so overwhelmed. Keep reading if you’d like to learn about what I’m eating, drinking and feeling at 7 months pregnant!

EATING: salads and sweets, which actually isn’t too far from my regular cravings. I generally eat pretty healthy but I have a huge sweet tooth and these pregnancy hormones have only made it stronger.

DRINKING: water and juice (I’m on a grapefruit juice kick) and having to pee all the time because of it. I’ve got a cold that I’m trying really hard to shake and trying hard to stay well hydrated. While I’m not typically one to run take medication when I’m sick, boy do I wish I could now. This cold just isn’t going away.

READING: wrapping up the 2 books I mentioned in my previous pregnancy updates and going to wrap my head around writing out our birth plan this month.

WANTING: all the cake, cookies and ice cream I can find. Why doesn’t anyone offer cake delivery by the slice in LA? Yes, that’s one of the many things I’ve pondered late at night. My OB said I should cut back on sweets because otherwise I’ll likely have a 9+ lb. baby. Trying but the struggle is real you guys.

SLEEPING: I read that the third trimester you’re suddenly uncomfortable and wow, is that true. I’m having a harder time getting comfy in bed despite my pillow fort and the past month of a slightly stuffy nose hasn’t helped.

WEARING: the maternity overalls shown above. Wearing them several times a week because they are just too comfy (and too cute in my opinion). I love them so much that I bought the shortalls too to get me though the last few weeks of my pregnancy when it will be much warmer.

FEELING: like my body is telling me slow down. I’m trying to listen but it’s just so hard for me. I’m a doer and when you’re self employed and you’re trying to work in advance so you can actually take a “maternity leave” it makes it even harder. But I caught a cold with a nasty congested cough this week so I think my body is definitely urging me to slow down my pace. I stopped horseback riding a few weeks ago and just started taking prenatal yoga classes. I adore them and feel so restored after each class. Now if this cold would just go away so I don’t have to keep missing them!

LOVING: my baby shower this month was oh so perfect and I felt so loved. In case you missed it, definitely go back and check out the photos. You guys, it was horse themed!


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