June Willow is 1 Year Old!

Our June Willow just turned 1! Here’s a little post with some ridiculously cute photos and an update about this sweet little girl.


And just like that, June is 1! Everyone told me it would go by quickly but I didn’t realize just how quickly that it actually would feel! Today I’m sharing a little year in review and my final monthly update post all about our sweet June Willow.

As a parent, it’s pretty amazing to watch your child grown and develop. It seems like all of a sudden she understands so much. She reacts to certain words (Daisy and horsey seem to be favorites) and has added a high pitched shrek to her dialect. Just this week she started saying “maaaamaaaaa” pretty much all day, especially if there’s something she wants out of reach. The toddler meltdowns are real and it’s getting harder to distract her when we have to take something away. Like today in the grocery store when I took the container of mushrooms away as to avoid leaving a trail of them as we navigated the store. Big emotions! But she seems to have an even bigger smile. Her laugh is contagious and it just melts us when she giggles.

June never crawled but has nailed scooting to get around. She’s also cleverly resorted to moving whatever she’s sitting on, like a blanket, to bring things closer to her. Just a couple days after her first birthday, she started sitting in her crib and now is sitting and babbling to herself (or maybe to us so we come get her, hah!) every single morning.

Oh and around 9 months old she got her first freckle (the one on her right cheek) and I think it’s just the cutest thing ever.

Her favorite food is still salmon sashimi and devours it in seconds. She’s a fan of seafood and prefers that to any other type of meat. She loves every type of cheese, including really stinky ones. She has a big sweet tooth and has never turned down fruit or anything remotely sweet. She definitely is my daughter because those are all my preferences too!

And suddenly like a true toddler, steamed broccoli is her nemesis but Dr. Prager’s broccoli bites are her jam. Actually everything Dr. Prager’s makes she adores and they should definitely sponsor us, hah!

Still only has 2 bottom teeth but that hasn’t stopped her from eat. All. The. Time.

She LOVES going on a bike ride with Kevin and squeals and giggles almost the entire ride. She’s fallen asleep twice while biking home from the beach and I’m sure that might become a tradition this summer.

Since taking her 12 month photos, I’ve kept her heart pillows in a bin in her room and she loves playing with them. I hope they will be a special toy (maybe even an heirloom of sorts) that she will continue to enjoy playing with. I thought they would be fun to be repurposed as an advent calendar or to help her learn to count.

Check out my DIY number heart pillow tutorial if you want to make your babe the same kind of pillows! And a big thanks for reading my Juney updates, I hope to share at least one update each year on her birthday to help us document her very special life.

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  1. Muchas felicidades a la hermosa June y a todos ustedes <3 saludos desde México.

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