Polka Dot Walls

Dress up a plain wall by adding polka dots!

Polka Dot Walls | Sarah HeartsI have the itch to update our guest bathroom. Do you ever just HAVE TO update a room in your house? The guest bathroom is the only room, other than the kitchen, that I didn’t repaint when we moved in. The bathroom has the original mauve-ish colored retro tile in the shower and half way up one wall. The previous owners painted it a neutral medium beige color, which works well with the retro tile.

My first thought was to wallpaper the bathroom since I’m such a big fan of prints but I really don’t want to spend much or do something that involved. Because let’s face it, who has the patience to paste up wallpaper! So my second thought has been to paint the walls a subtle, not-so-bright white and add gold polka dots.

So to let the idea sink in a bit before I start painting, I’ve found some polka dot wall inspiration. Now I just have to figure out what size I want the dots to be.

Love polka dot walls? Or have another idea? I’d love to get your feedback!

1. Alexandra Hedin‘s silver on gray polka dot walls
2. Lottie Dot Decals from The Land of Nod
3. Light blue on teal polka dot wall via Martha Stewart
4. Gold on white polka dot walls via Just Bella
5. Black and white polka dot walls via Avotakka Magazine
6. White on tan polka dot wall via 36th Avenue


  1. I am all for your polka dot walls! I love the black and white polka dots. This seems like such a fun project. Looking forward to hearing what you decide.

  2. I’ve been dying to polka dot one of my rooms, but I don’t know that they’ll look good with the green color that came with our apartment. I guess I’ll just have to wait until we can paint our own home! You’ll have to post when you get to it in your guest bathroom :)

  3. Thank you so much for including my polka wall up there! I have to tell you, I LOVE them so much and my decals from Urban Walls were so easy to put up. You should totally go for it! I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to be unhappy in a room with polka dots ;)

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