Sarah Hearts Orlando: Palmers Garden and Goods

Looking for a fiddle leaf fig or a gift for a friend with a green thumb? Check out my favorite garden shop in Orlando, Florida.

Looking for the perfect plant for your home? Palmer's Garden and  Goods is a great nursery to visit in Orlando, Florida.

Though it may seem like my favorite thing to do in Orlando is eat, I do have some other favorite spots around town that don’t involve food. Today I’m sharing one of my favorite places to find some pretty greenery. Palmer’s Garden & Goods is a garden shop located in the heart of Orlando’s Audubon Park neighborhood. And it really is a neighborhood gem! This shop is smaller than some other nursery in town but it’s loaded with trays and trays of beautiful flowering, green plants.

Palmer's Garden and Gifts has a great mix of both indoor and plants and unique containers.

The small space is packed with lots of indoor and outdoor plants. They also have a big selection of garden containers in just about every size you can think of. And yes, they have gorgeous fiddle leaf figs too!

Add a pop of color to your garden beds with some pretty plants from Palmer's, a great garden center and gift shop, in Orlando, Florida.

Find pretty hanging baskets and plants for your porch at Palmer's Garden and Goods in Orlando, Florida.


Check out the Audubon Park area of Orlando for unique shops like Palmer's Garden and Goods.

Palmers Garden and Goods in Orlando has  a great selection of indoor and outdoor plants.

Stock up on organic seeds for your garden at Palmer's Garden and Gifts.

In the center of the shop they have a big selection of organic seeds and other gardening supplies like soil and fertilizer. Towards the front of the store they have a little shop that is the perfect place to find a unique gift for your friend with a green thumb.

Palmer's Garden and Goods has a great selection of tiny plants perfect for adorning your desk.

Looking for the perfect gift for your friend with a green thumb? Check out Palmer's Garden and Goods in Orlando for unique gifts.

Photography by Amalie Orrange Photography

Visiting Orlando soon? Check out some of my other favorite places around town on my Orlando page. And if you’re local to Orlando, please comment below and share where you think I should visit next! I’m always looking to learn about new gems in the city beautiful.

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