Sarah Hearts Orlando: Wondermade Marshmallows

Craving something sweet? Then you got to visit Wondermade in downtown Sanford, Florida. It’s just a short drive from Orlando and the perfect place to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Next time you're in Orlando stop by Wondermade in downtown Sanford. They are home of the very popular flavored marshmallows you may have seen before!

My good friend Amalie and I went on another adventure last week and I’m excited to share some of the details today. We took a short drive north over to downtown Sanford, Florida to visit Wondermade, home of the delicious handmade marshmallows. A shop that only sells marshmallows? You bet! This adorable little shop is on 1st street, right in the the center of downtown historic Sanford.

Alaina, Wondermade’s event coordinator and awesome pour-over barista, gave us a tour of the sweet shop. They feature a few flavors of their delicious handmade marshmallows daily and also sell every flavor on the menu in individual boxes.

With flavors like almond, pina colada, and bourbon these handmade marshmallows must be delicious!

This adorable little shop in downtown Sanford, just a short drive from Orlando, makes delicious handmade marshmallows.

Wondered makes delicious handmade marshmallows with boozy flavors like champagne, gin, and bourbon! Click through for more details about this shop.

Gold champagne marshmallows? Of course we had to try these! They are just as good (and pretty) as the sound. A little bit of bubbly and coated with edible gold leaf makes for some great marshmallows.

Next time you're in Orlando, take the short drive over to downtown Sanford, Florida to visit Wondermade handmade marshmallow shop.

Iced coffee with bourbon marshmallows sounds so delicious! Click through for more details about Wondermade's marshmallow shop.

In addition to marshmallows, they also serve pour-overs of Orlando’s favorite coffee, Lineage. I opted for an iced coffee with almond milk and bourbon marshmallows. So good! I’m craving one right now!

Lineage pour over coffee is served at Wondermade, a handmade marshmallow shop, in downtown Sanford, Florida. Add marshmallows for a delicious treat!

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a skewer of handmade marshmallows at Wondermade, in downtown Sanford, Florida.

You can even get a skewer of fresh marshmallows toasted right there on the spot. The perfect snack to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Stop by Wondermade, in downtown Sanford, Florida for handmade marshmallows, freshly toasted!

Handmade champagne marshmallows dusted with edible gold leaf, yes please!

Blogger Sarah Hearts shares where to satisfy your sweet tooth the next time you're visiting Orlando.

Loving the simple decor in this cute marshmallow shop!

Photography by Amalie Orrange Photography

Visiting Orlando soon? Jump on the highway and take the drive 30 minutes north to downtown Sanford. You can also check out some of my other favorite places around town on my Orlando page. If you’re local to Orlando, please comment below and share where you think I should visit next! I’m always looking to learn about your favorite spots in the city beautiful.

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