Printable Touch-Up Paint Jar Labels

Storing paint in small glass jars with these free printable labels makes touch-ups a breeze.

Printable Touch-Up Paint Jar Labels by Sarah Hearts

One of my least favorite home improvement projects is painting. I absolutely love creating something on a canvas but when I’m painting a hallway or bathroom I’m just not inspired. It’s funny because about every year and half (and maybe up to three years) I get an itch to repaint (and usually also redecorate) a room. I love that painting is an affordable way to spruce up a room but I’m just not a fan of doing it.

Now that we’ve been in our house almost three years I’ve caught the “things need to change” bug and have been re-arranging furniture and things on the walls. I’ve had to patch up a few holes along the way and then repaint. I hate to have to open up the large paint can for just a tiny bit of paint so I thought it would be easier if I poured the paint into little glass jars. I created some labels that I printed out on adhesive paper that will help identify each paint color. Now I’m on a mission to touch up all those little knicks in the base boards and paint over the freshly patched walls.

Download the printable touch-up paint jar labels and paint away!

Printable Touch-Up Paint Jar Labels by Sarah Hearts

Printable Touch-Up Paint Jar Labels by Sarah Hearts


  1. Oh my goodness, this is such a great idea!! I literally had to do this this week. I had to grab a huge gallon size can with almost no paint in it to touch up a little place on the wall and I was so frustrated with the big can! Fabulous idea lady.

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