Creative WFH Wallpaper with Fiskars

Suddenly find yourself WFH? Here’s a wallpaper that is sure to brighten your screen and provide a little creative inspiration too. Download it today for your computer, phone or tablet and add some joy to your workspace.

During this uncertain time, there is so much that feels anything but normal. I’m saddened by the constant news reports and they are starting to weigh on me—and likely on you too. That’s why I partnered with Fiskars, one of my lifelong favorite brands, to spread happiness. Because we all could use a little happiness right now, am I right?

My friends at Fiskars asked me to create a wallpaper download that communicates this and I instantly knew what I would illustrate, because

my entire life I have found joy and happiness and creating.

Whether it is doodling on a napkin, sewing my own clothes, painting a canvas, cutting paper for a collage, when my hands were busy my mind was still—and I feel inspired. That’s why I decided to illustrate some of my favorite creative supplies for this free wallpaper download.

I’ve included the iconic Original Orange-handled Scissors which is hands down the most used supply in my studio and in our home. Do you have a pair? I bet you do! This particular pair of scissors goes way back in my family and I shared all about it in this post if you’d like to give it a read (and see tips on making a colorful layered collage). The other supplies include are colorful paper, tubes of paint, a watercolor set and a paintbrush.

Our daily lives look so different than they did a couple months ago. If you’re suddenly finding yourself on your computer all the time because you’re now working from home or you are using the iPad all the time to entertain the kids, here’s a bright wallpaper for all your devices that I hope brings joy and happiness to your day!

Links to download all three versions of the wallpaper are below.

Download the Creative Supplies Wallpaper

Computer  |  iPhone  |  iPad

Wallpaper illustration by Sarah Khandjian | For personal non-commercial use only


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