Crafternoon :: DIY Foam Stamped Tote Bags

Host a craft party and create simple foam stamped tote bags.

diy ribbon glitter name tags

On Sunday I hosted the first Crafternoon of the year! This month’s project was to make foam stamps then use them to decorate cotton tote bags. I planned on having the party in our backyard, since we recently got a large brick paver patio installed. The weather was’t cooperating, so we started outside and about half way through the party has to relocate into our not-so-spacious home. Everyone was a huge help moving everything so quickly as the rain came (again).

I made everyone name tags so they could get acquainted. I used scraps and supplies I had on hand, and I love the way they came out. So much, that I will try to make a tutorial this week!

washi tape metal can flower vases

I made simple table decorations by reusing (clean) metal cans. I simply spray painted them white, then wrapped a piece of washi tape around them. Filled with some water and a couple fresh cut daisies. After the party, I placed these little cans of flowers throughout the dining and living room. They might become a more permanent fixture. There’re really cute, don’t you think?

cross stitch take home party favor kit

Who doesn’t love party favors? For the crafty kid in us, I made little take home cross stitch kits. I will post the pattern and direction cards soon.

crafternoon diy foam stamp tote bags

Here’s one of the tables right before we started and the rain came!

crafternoon diy foam stamp tote bags

Everyone brought delicious sweet and savoy treats!

crafternoon diy foam stamp tote bags

Once the rain started, we moved inside… and just kept crafting!

crafternoon diy foam stamp tote bags

Here are a few of the bags that were made. I love how each one is so different! Thanks so much to everyone that came. I had a lovely little Crafternoon with you!

What would you like to make next Crafternoon? Please comment and let me know.


  1. The painted cans with washi and flowers are so simple yet so pretty. I think I will give those a try. And the bags–love the variety. I think it’s inspiring to see how others approach a project and the end result of their creativity. And the favor bags–so sweet. I guess I’m just a big kid at heart.

    I wish there were Crafternoons where I live. I first read about one on the Hello Sandwich blog. They seem to be popular in Japan as well as England. Maybe they will catch on in the U.S. How I wish washi tape would catch on. To me it is the best product ever and I wish it were commonplace here like it is in Japan. I’ve had to order mine from Amazon. And I’ve been making my own too, with good results. I can’t get enough of it.

    You may see a lot of comments from me as I read your past posts. I’m really enjoying the inspiration.

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