Favorite Brush Fonts

Make your business cards, stationery and even Valentine’s Day cards stand out with these beautiful brush fonts inspired by hand lettering.

Make unique business cards, stationery, valentines and more using these beautiful brush fonts!

It’s been a while since I shared a font round up so here’s a collection of 10 of my favorite brush fonts. They all have the look of hand lettering (since most were created with an actual brush and ink or paint) and are perfect for jazzing up your business cards, making stationery or getting a head start on Valentine’s Day cards.

Which one is your favorite? I’m loving Brush Up right now!

  1. Better Times
  2. Hollic Brush
  3. Bonjour!
  4. Brush Up
  5. Hello Lucky
  6. Stylish Brush
  7. Hello Sunshine
  8. Yorkshire Script
  9. Pleasures Script
  10. Loveletter Script

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