Calligraphy Script Fonts

If you love calligraphy but don’t want to spend the time learning how to do it, try one of these great calligraphic fonts. It will be our little secret!

Looking for a beautiful calligraphy font to use for your wedding or maybe your own logo? Try one of these gorgeous typefaces.

I adore calligraphy and swoon over any envelope I receive that’s been hand lettered. I just don’t have the calligraphy skills to make all those beautiful swashes and curls but I do know where to find some great fonts that mimic hand calligraphy.

If you’re looking for a typeface for your wedding stationery or many even for your shop logo here a few of favorites.

Pretty Script / Octavia Script / Stringfellows / Verryberry Script / Isabella Script


  1. After MONTHS of trying to figure out what typeface to use for our invites, I think I’m going to use Pretty Script. Now for the other millions of decisions to make…

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