Best Handwritten Script Fonts

Add some style to your designs without actually having to hand letter.

Looking for the perfect script font? Try one of these beautiful typefaces that are inspired by handwriting.

In my reader survey many of you wanted to see more design tips, tricks and typography so here’s a little round up of a few of my favorite script fonts.

If you’ve long been a “I only use free fonts” kinda of girl, here’s a little glimese into why it’s worth paying for fonts. Most free fonts don’t include ligatures, are not open type, and usually look kinda cheap. You know what I mean? When you see a font but something doesn’t look quite right. Maybe the loops in the script don’t align perfectly or when you type ‘tt’ the lines don’t connect.

All these typefaces are affordable (less than $20) and mimic hand writing and have beautiful variations weight. In non-art-school speak that means the difference in line thickness makes each font look like it’s been written with a paint brush.

Hartwell / Manhattan Darling / Sortdecai / Wanderlust / Peinture

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