Favorite Backpacks

Floral, polka dot, solid, and leather backpacks.

Favorite Backpacks | Sarah Hearts

If I were heading back to school this year I’d pick one of these backpacks to carry all my books in. Without sounding too old, isn’t crazy how many more options there are when choosing a backpack? I mean, you can still get the plain 2-pocket Jansport, but now there are florals, dots and solids. There’s a backpack for every style—or day of the week.

My favorite is the orange polka dot backpack. What’s your favorite?

1. Modcloth Welcome Backpack / 2.. Mossimo Demin Polka Dot Backpack / 3. Baggu Knapsack / 4. Herschel Settlement Backpack / 5. Jansport Smoke Signal Backpack / 6. Mossimo Rose Printed Backpack / 7. Herschel Apricot You Smiling Backpack



  1. You’re so right… I love that blue polka dotted one, but that was so not an option when I had books to lug around. Not only that, but I feel like kids are so much more trendy now. My younger cousins all camp back from summer camp (the same one I went to years ago) and in their pictures, gone were the old dirty jeans and oversized tees, and all the girls were in cute sun dresses and bright colored skinny jeans. Not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but I definitely don’t like having fashion competition with 15 year olds…

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