DIY Scalloped Pencil Pouch for Back-to-School

Holly Wade of Club Crafted is on the blog today to show you how to sew your own clear vinyl pencil case. Keep reading for the step-by-step tutorial that’s perfect for beginner sewers. She also includes a simple tutorial on how to add a pretty scalloped border.

This post was created by Holly of Club Crafted.

Whether you’re going back to school this season or simply love finding new, cute ways to keep your office supplies organized, a pencil pouch is a must! There are a lot of small pouches out there to corral your supplies, but since everything is better homemade, this clear scalloped pencil pouch is the perfect way to add a personal touch. With just a little sewing, this pouch is ready to use in less than 30 minutes!


  • Clear vinyl, medium weight
  • Fashion zipper (10-12 inches)
  • Pins
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • All-purpose paint
  • Round sponge brush

Step 1

Cut two 4 x 10-inch pieces of clear vinyl.

Step 2

Pin the vinyl to one side of the zipper with the right sides together. (Even though vinyl doesn’t have a wrong side…) Sew in place, back stitching at each end. Repeat with the other piece of vinyl on the other side of the zipper.

Note, if the zipper is too long, keep the head part aligned with the pouch and let the excess hang off for now.

Step 3

Open the zipper slightly. With the zipper on the inside, pin the three sides of the vinyl together and sew.

Step 4

If needed, cut excess zipper.

Step 5

Turn the pouch right side out through the opening in the zipper.

Step 6

Use the round sponge brush to paint scallops along the bottom of the pouch (tape optional). Let dry.

Then fill your new pencil pouch with all of your favorite office/school supplies!

Note, when sewing clear vinyl, the machine’s metal foot may stick and make it difficult to sew. Either swap the foot for a plastic one or add a little tape to the bottom of the foot to reduce sticking.

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