DIY Color Blocked Farmer’s Market Basket

Get ready for the farmers’ market and create a color blocked market tote.

Get ready for summer and create a color blocked market basket. Perfect for toting around the farmers' market! (Click through for step-by-step tutorial)

Summer sure feels like it’s in full swing here in Florida. The days are warm (and often down right hot) and the afternoon thunderstorms have begun. Even though I’m really dreading the heat, there are a few warm weather traditions I just love about this time of year: farmers’ markets and spending time outdoors. And since no activity can go without a fun DIY project here’s my take on a market basket.

This basket it great for trips to the farmers’ market, but would also be handy around the garden or at a picnic. It even could be used inside the home to stow toys or blankets! I love using it on trips to the farmers’ market because it holds a ton of produce and it’s large enough that I don’t have to worry about heavier items squishing smaller, more delicate things. It’s also perfect for toting around groceries when you just need to pick up a couple items (like some Natalie’s oj). You can carry it around in the store and then take your groceries home in the same basket. I just love projects that are useful and pretty and this one is both!

This DIY color blocked farmers'  market basket is the perfect project for spring!

Time: 1 hour + drying time
Supplies: metal basket / white spray paint / acrylic craft paint in any 2 colors / painter’s tape / paint brush / 1″ leather strips / hot glue gun


Step 1: Spray paint the entire basket white. It’s best to apply a couple thin coats to avoid any paint drips. Allow it to dry completely overnight.


Step 2: Place a piece of painter’s tape all the way around the bottom third of the basket.


Step 3: Paint the lower bottom one color (I chose a mustard yellow). Once you’ve painted all the wary around, paint the inside of the basket. This will help smooth out any paint that may have gone on a little thick. Then remove the tape and allow it to dry. You can speed up the drying process by drying the paint with a hair dryer.


Step 4: Place more tape about 1.5″ above the top of the painted bottom section.


Step 5: Paint this part a different color (I chose a pale mint green). It’s not necessary to paint the bottom edge, just go slow and paint along the top line of the other color. Since the basket is a mesh pattern, it’s pretty forgiving. Also paint the inside stripe of color, like you did with the bottom section. Remove the tape and allow it to dry.


Step 6: Cover the basket handles with leather by wrapping 1″ leather strips around the handles. Wrap the leather around the handles, pulling it tight as you go (the leather will stretch some). Once you’ve wrapped the leather all the way around, secure each end with some hot glue. Continue with another piece of leather until the entire handle is covered. Repeat with the other basket handle and then you’re basket is ready for the farmer’s market!

Love this simply DIY color blocked market basket. It's perfect for carrying farmers' market produce or groceries.


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  1. I love that you’re working with Natalie’s! My brother’s girlfriend’s roommate is actually Natalie herself, which I had no idea about until I found a jug of Natalie’s juice in my parent’s refrigerator. It’s a small world for sure!

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