Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

Create a stylish space with these dorm room decorating ideas.

Many students went back to school this week so I thought I would put together a little idea board for college students. I remember when I moved into my first apartment at college. I was so excited to decorate it and make the space my own. So here are a few ideas for your room, whether you’re moving into a dorm room or an apartment, that are fun and functional!

1. Trellis 3-Drawer Cart, $19.99 | 2. Brocade Wall File, $29.99 | 3. Woodland Garden Duvet Cover, $69-79 | 4. Polo Desk Chair, $199 | 5. Starburst Rug, $62.99 | 6. Laundry Box, $29.99

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