DIY Earring Display Mother’s Day Gift

Learn how to make a modern, wood earring organizer! This easy to follow tutorial includes step by step photos and a video to show you how to create your own special organizer. It makes a perfect Mother’s Day gift.

FYI: Mother’s Day is around the corner! But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with this DIY earring display!

This year, I’ll be enjoying my first official Mother’s Day (where has the time gone?) and that got me thinking about what gifts I’d like to receive as a mom. As cliche as it sounds, I’m too the mom that doesn’t really spend much time or money on myself and really appreciates practical but thoughtful gifts. Some of my favorite items that I’ve been gifted are just as functional as they beautiful. Do you just love items like that too? This Mother’s Day I’m sharing a simple DIY gift that your mom, sister, wife, gal pal or any earring loving lady would just adore!

You can making this DIY earring organizer in under an hour. It can be customized to fit your mom’s style using Martha Stewart Adhesive Laser-Cut Stencils . Don’t let the thought of drilling a ton of tiny holes intimidate you. I’ve broken down this project into doable steps so even the novice DIYer (or spouse) could make it. Oh, and I created a printable template too so all those holes are lined up perfectly. Just stencil, drill and you’re done!

Get making today because you might just want to make an extra one to keep for yourself!


Martha Stewart Floral & Geo Adhesive Laser-Cut Stencil
Martha Stewart Graphic Geo Adhesive Laser-Cut Stencil
Martha Stewart Family Friendly Multi-Surface Acrylic Craft Paint
Martha Stewart Crafts Foam Pouncers Set
1/8″ x 8″ x 8″ wood panel
1/16″ drill bit
scrap piece of wood, at least 1/2″ thick
mini easel
painter’s tape
Paint palette, you can also use a paper plate

Free template for hole placement

Step 1

Select your stencil and remove it from the paper backing. Place the stencil on the front side of the wood panel and press down firm to adhere it to the wood.

Step 2

Using an up and down motion, apply paint to a medium size foam pouncer and then repeat “stamping” the paint inside the stencil.

Step 3

Once completely painted, remove the stencil and return it to the shinny side of the paper backing. Allow the paint to dry completely.

Step 4

Download the free printable template and print it on copy paper (plain white paper). Cut along the solid outline and use painters tape to adhere the template to the front side of the wood panel. Apply painters tape to the backside of the wood panel to avoid significantly splintering of the wood.

Step 5

Place the wood panel on a scrap piece of wood. Use clamps or quick grips to attach the panel to the larger piece of wood. Using a 1/16″ drill bit, follow the template and drill holes into the wood. Remove the paper template when you are done and dust off any remaining saw dust.

Step 6

Place the finished earring holder on the wood easel. Wrap it up in a pretty gift bag with some tissue paper and you have a lovely Mother’s Day gift!

Pick up your stencils and paint today and get making for Mother’s Day! You can find Martha Stewart products exclusively at Michaels! And if you want to gift a pair of earrings with your DIY earring display, stop by my shop and grab a pair or two!

Watch the video below to see the tutorial in action!


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