DIY Colorful Decorated Lunch Bag

Learn how to customize a store-bought lunch bag into a cute and colorful bag for both work and school.

My love for school supplies doesn’t just stop at cute backpacks—I think a fun lunch bag is a must too. Today I’m sharing an easy way to personalize a lunch bag or soft lunch box using just a few supplies. Next time your coworker reaches for your lunch there won’t be any confusion whose bag is whose because yours will stand out!

Watch the video below to see how to personalize your own lunch bag and see what I always pack in mine. Hint: it’s my favorite snap pea crisps.


DIY Colorful Decorated Lunch Bag


Lunch bag
Gold iron-on letter patches
Heat transfer vinyl, in your favorite colors
Mini iron*

* If you don’t have a mini iron, you can also use a regular home iron, just be sure to cover the vinyl and letter patches with a scrap of fabric or an old t-shirt first to not melt the fabric.


  1. Use scissors to cut the heat transfer vinyl into small shapes such as triangles, hearts, dots, or rectangles. Meanwhile, plug in the mini iron and let it heat up.
  2. Arrange the gold letter patches on the front of the lunch bag. Use the iron to press the letters and adhere them to the bag.
  3. Arrange the vinyl pieces with the shiny, plastic side up on the front side of the lunch bag. One at a time, use the mini iron to adhere each shape onto the bag by pressing the hot iron firmly along the top of the shape. Allow it  to cool for 30 seconds and then carefully remove the plastic backing. Repeat this with the other shapes.
  4. Complete the look by clipping a cute keychain on the zipper, pack your lunch and your favorite Harvest Snaps and you’re ready to go!

Learn how to personalize your lunch bag with just a few supplies! Click through to watch the video tutorial.

More ways to personalize

There’s a myriad of ways you can customize your bag. You can use scissors to cut the heat transfer vinyl into small rectangles to make confetti like shapes or you can cut small hearts and add some love a little love.

If you’re not into monograms, you can always simply spell out your entire name using the gold letter patches. Arrange them to spell out “HEY” or “OMG,” or add a cheeky statement like the word “LUNCH.” The possibilities are endless!

Learn how to personalize your lunch bag with just a few supplies! Click through to watch the video tutorial.

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This video was created in partnership with Harvest Snaps



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