DIY Cheese Board with Leather Handles

Learn how to transform a store-bought cheese board into one with leather handles. Such an easy DIY and makes the perfect hostess gift! I’ve also created a useful guide on how to divide cheese blocks for a cheese board.

Learn how to create your own unique cheese board by adding leather handles. Such a quick DIY and perfect for entertaining!

You guys, I love cheese.

It’s my guilty pleasure and the sole reason why I couldn’t go vegan. I mean, I love it so much my mom sent me cheese from my favorite dairy farm for Valentine’s Day. Because when you love cheese as much as I do you have a favorite dairy farm of course.

I’ve been lacking one thing that every cheese lover should have—a stylish cheese board. I decided to start with a pretty store bought one and add some DIY charm to it. A couple strips of blush pink leather and brass furniture tacks transform it into a cheese board that I want to use everyday.

Loving this cheese board with blush pink leather handles. It's a doable DIY that only takes 10 minutes to make!

Time: 10 minutes
Supplies: cheese board / 2 – 1″ leather strips / 4 brass furniture tacks / scissors / ruler /hammerTransform a plain wood board into a stylish cheese board with leather handles.

Cut leather strips slightly smaller than the width of a wood board to create handles for a cheese board.

Step 1: Cut each strip of leather the exact width of your board. If you’re using the same cheese board as I did, cut each strip 6.5″ long.

Fold a strip of leather in half length wise and trim the end into a point to create a modern cheese with leather handles.

Step 2: Fold one leather strip in half lengthwise and trim the end to a point. Repeat this with the other piece.

Attach a strip of leather to a wood board using brass furniture tacks. Such an easy way to make a stylish cheese board.

Step 3: Position one of the leather strips on one end of the board. Place a furniture tack on top of the leather and hammer it into place. If you have an awl (I had one left from college bookmaking projects) this is helpful because you can make a tiny hole in the leather before placing it on the board so you know exactly where you want the nail to go.

Use brass furniture tacks to attach a strip of pink leather onto a board to create a stylish, modern cheese board.

Step 4: Continue hammering the other 3 tacks into the board. Since you’re creating handles, you want some slack in the leather so you can actually carry the board, so you may need to reposition each end of the leather strip before hammering in the tack.

Always wondered how to divide a block of cheese for serving? Here's a helpful guide that shows you exactly how to divide cheese for a cheese board.

If you’ve always wondered how to cut a whole block or wedge of cheese. I created a helpful guide to show you how to divide cheese for sharing. A good cheese plate includes one hard, one soft, and one semi-soft cheese as well as a stronger tasting cheese like a blue. I like using the gold cheese knives (shown above) because the set includes a separate knives for hard, semi-soft, and soft cheeses as well as a fork for serving.

Create a custom cheese board by adding leather handles. Perfect for entertaining or as a hostess gift!

Wondering what else you can do with those pieces of leather? See how I wrapped them around basket handles to create a stylish market basket.


  1. This is such a cute and easy idea – it would make a great housewarming gift too!

    Also, thanks for the tips on dividing the cheeses – the graphic is super handy!

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