Backyard Fall Party Idea Board

Great ideas for hosting a fall themed party including a s’mores bar and lawn Twister.

Backyard Fall Party Idea Board

A friend of mine enlisted my help in planning a backyard fall-inspired party. I love the idea of hanging out with friends, drinking spiked hot apple cider, and making s’mores. It sounds like the perfect way to welcome the change of seasons. Here are some ideas that I think would make a great fall party.

1. Spray paint a Twister board / 2. Spiked hot apple cider / 3. Ready to serve beverages / 4. Pumpkin whoopie pies / 5. Burlap wreath / 6. Pumpkin cooler / 7. Mini caramel apples / 8. Fire pit s’mores / 9. Serve peanuts in metal buckets / 10. Wrap tree trunks with white lights / 11. Make a s’more bar

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