DIY Shaped Bokeh Tutorial

Learn how to make a Shaped Bokeh with this tutorial.

One of my friends recently showed me some cool videos and photos shot with a shaped aperature. I did some research and it turns out it’s easy to make and produces some fun effects! I like the tutorial posted by Melly on her blog GreenLaundry. All you need are a few supplies (you crafty folks probably have all the supplies at hand) and a SLR camera.

Have you tried this? I would love to see your photos!

{Images above clockwise, via debauchery’s tumblr, DIY photography, and Amy Rose King Photography}


  1. Hello friend from reddit. Canon’s 50mm f/1.8 II lens is great for taking bokeh pictures. don’t have anything to share yet, hopefully will find sometime to get into photography again. great blog!

  2. I love this. I need an SLR to do this but I’m definitely keeping this on file for when I finally can buy one! Love your blog btw. =)

  3. This is really cool! I’ll have to remember to try this eventually … once I get a bit better hang of my new DSLR.

  4. It’s a great technique!! The larger you can get your aperture, the better!

    Over Christmas break, I made some with swirls, hearts, christmas trees, and more. It was a lot easier than I expected.

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