Backpacks and Book Bags

Bright solid, floral, and animal shaped backpacks.

best backpacks and book bags

Since I was in kindergarten I always looked forward to picking out a new backpack… wether or not I needed one. I guess it was my 5 year old self trying to be fashionable. Come college I ended up using the same backpack all four years. I definitely wouldn’t have though, if some of these cute and colorful options were available back then (and I didn’t have to pay so much for art supplies and books).

1. Survey Canvas / 2. Heritage / 3. Neon Yellow Canvas / 4. Smart As a Fox Backpack / 5. Original Junior Book Pack / 6. Q Backpack (with laptop compartment) / 7. Multi-colored Dots / 8. Terra Campus Pack (with laptop compartment)

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