DIY Watermelon Print Gift Boxes with Office Labels

Office dots, or color coding stickers, are the secret ingredient for creating super cute watermelon boxes.

Office color coding labels are the secret ingredient in these adorable DIY pillow shaped gift boxes! (Click through for full tutorial) #12MonthsofMartha

I can’t get enough watermelon these days so I created another fun project inspired by the delicious summer fruit! This time I grabbed my handy gift box tool and some office color coding labels to create pillow boxes that are perfect for storing candy and small gifts.

A couple years ago I used color coding labels to create instant party decor so I’ve had a few boxes of labels stashed away in my supply closet. Ever since then I’ve been trying to come up with a use for them and I’m pretty sure this is the best possible use. I mean, who really uses these around the office?

After making tiny yellow watermelons, I instantly started seeing tacos instead so you can totally change it up and make taco patterned boxes too!

A pillow box maker and some office supplies are all you need to create these cute watermelon gift boxes. (Click through for tutorial) #12MonthsofMartha


gift box tool
white cardstock
color coding labels
black felt-tip marker
double-sided tape

Time: 5 minutes

Step 1: Use the gift box tool to cut out as many boxes as you need. The ones pictured here are size #1. Get step-by-step directions on how to use the gift box tool here.

Use office color coding labels to create really cute gift boxes! Click through for more details.

Step 2: Cut the color coding labels in half.

Can you believe these gift boxes are created with office color coding labels! Such a cute, clever idea!

Step 3: Place the green labels all over the front side of the boxes (this is the side you used the embossing tool to score the paper). Place red labels (or whatever color label you want the watermelons to be) on top of the green ones and use the marker to dot each one. Allow the ink to dry for a couple minutes and assemble the boxes.

Loving these adorable gift boxes! Can you believe they were made using office color coding labels!

They would make the cutest favor boxes at a summer party. They are also the perfect size for small gifts like gift cards and jewelry. And if you you’re wondering what else you can do with the gift box tool, my friend Haeley shows you 5 ways to decorate a gift box. And you can always make popsicle gift boxes too!

Loving these watermelon printed boxes created with office color coding labels! Such a cute idea for summer parties and gifts. #12MonthsofMartha

Nailcolor: Bling Bling gel by Marilyn Monroe Spas

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