Turquoise, Gold and Silver Color Palette

Get inspired with this turquoise, golden egg, and warm gray color palette.

Turquoise, Gold and Silver Color Palette by Sarah HeartsI love, love, love Cadbury creme eggs. Which is funny because as a kid I thought my brother was gross for liking them. Now I just can’t get enough though I do try practicing some self control. Next week I’ll be snacking on these delicious creme filled chocolates as I put together little Easter baskets for our friends. I love the way a regular egg carton is reused as a egg basket in the image above. I’ve been saving our paper egg cartons to do the same… if there are any chocolate eggs left to gift.

P.S. This weekend I’m over at Playlist Live, my husband’s companies YouTube convention. If you’d like to follow along on this weekend’s adventures be sure to check out instagram! I’ll be back next week with some fun Easter projects and a before and after of our bathroom semi-remodel!

Image by le Frufrù

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