DIY Monstera Leaf Easter Eggs

Learn how to create tropical-inspired Easter Eggs in minutes using this adorable free monstera leaf printable and an easy decoupage technique.

palm print easter eggs

It’s that time again! Easter is coming up quickly, so I’m hustling to decorate for spring and Easter, and what better way to start than with Easter eggs?!

Since monstera leaves are all the rage, monstera leaf Easter eggs seemed like the perfect mess-free way to decorate eggs this year and bring a little greenery into my project. With this simple printout and a little Mod Podge, decoupaging your own Easter eggs is a breeze. Use them for décor or for filling an Easter basket with other goodies.

Close up of tropical leaf easter eggs

DIY Monstera Leaf Easter Eggs


Fake or real white eggs (hardboiled)
Mini monstera leaf template
Scissors (similar)
Mod Podge
Paint brush


Cut out the mini monstera leaves in various sizes. If using white eggs, you don’t have to stress about cutting the details of each leaf.

Paint a layer of Mod Podge over an egg.

Immediately place the paper leaf or leaves over the wet Mod Podge and press until it adheres. Because eggs are curved, you can expect the paper to fold around some areas, especially with the larger leaves.

Once adhered to the egg, cover with another layer of Mod Podge to seal and let dry completely.

detail of a tropical inspired easter egg

tropical decoupaged easter eggs



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