Pregnancy Update – 18 weeks

Sharing my first #babygirlhearts update at 18 weeks. Learn what I’m craving, feeling, wearing, and more!

#babygirlhearts update

While I’m already into my second trimester, I thought it would be fun to skip the weekly links and share a pregnancy update. So many of you have kindly been asking how I’m feeling, what I’m craving and more so here’s all the info! And I’m going to do it in the same style as my friend Chelsea did during her pregnancies because I personally thought it was just so fun to read.

And for those of you who are afraid DIYs will go away and this will turn into a mommy blog, don’t fret! While I do plan on sharing some fun baby DIYs and more pregnancy updates, the DIYs, printables, recipes and wallpapers will keep on coming!

18 weeks

EATING: While I didn’t really have any food cravings during the first trimester—except for mac and cheese from the Whole Foods hot bar for a couple days straight this trimester I want all. The. Carbs. Seriously can’t get enough crusty bread, muffins, croissants. Oh and cake too. Which makes me aware of how few cake shops there are on the west side!

DRINKING: Savoring my one cup of coffee/tea a day. Seriously the only way I’m staying awake past 2 p.m.

READING: Nothing at the moment. I know I should probably get on that but I’m spending all my “extra” time working these days. What books would you recommend for first-time moms?

WANTING: to start our big home project. More about this later, but my home studio is going to be become the nursery and the garage will become my home studio. Getting anxious to get the ball rolling on this project because time is just flying by.

SLEEPING: A $10 body pillow from Target has been a game changer. Now the only way I can sleep! My friends recommend the u-shaped maternity pillows but we have a queen bed and theres no way that would fit + me + Kevin.

WEARING: Living in my Madewell maternity jeans. While I want to buy as few maternity pieces as possible, this was the first thing I splurged on and they have been worth every darn penny. If you’re interested them, they fit just like the classic Madewell jeans but they are low in the front and higher in the back. They fit true to size but I sized up to ensure I can wear them all the way through this pregnancy. I’m also living in my knit polka dot Bettine dress I made (pictured above). It’s my first official sewing project on a my new machine and I’m so proud of it. Sewing your own clothing I think is the most rewarding type of DIY you can do. Next up is making the Anges dressBoth patterns are from the adorable Tilly and the Buttons.

FEELING: Cramps aka round ligament pain is for real. I’m also having waves of intense lower back pain, mostly on my right side, but to a pelvis fracture from a long time ago (yep, it was from horseback riding). I feel so lucky that I’ve own thrown up once…a couple weeks ago after get sausages and fries from Wurstkuche. While I felt pretty nauseous during the first trimester, I found as long as I ate a small snack every 2 hours I could keep food down and keep the nausea at bay.

LOVING: All the adorable clothes friends and family have already sent us. And I may have gone a little crazy stocking up on all the baby clothes with horses on them from Joules. This baby girl is already so loved—and already has the best, most colorful wardrobe!









  1. This is wonderful, Sarah. I’m so happy for you guys.
    We had our first last year and I pretty much slept through the whole pregnancy!

  2. I loved reading your update! I’m just a couple of weeks behind you in my pregnancy (I’ll be 18 weeks on Monday) so it’s extra fun and relatable for me to see what you have to say about your pregnancy! Can’t wait to read more updates!

  3. Hi. I just came across your post on Pinterest while I was looking for a wall mural painting ideas. Can you tell me where this photo was taken? My 12-year-old daughter has been asked to paint a wall mural and we are looking for creative ideas! Thanks so much!

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