Washi Tape Paper Bag Bunting

Learn how use washi tape and paper bags to create a simple paper bag garland.

Washi Tape Paper Bag Bunting Garland | Sarah Hearts

It seems like the 4th of July holiday (and actually all of July) popper up before I knew it. Like many holidays, I have visions of decorating the house with festive decor or hosting a party that’s themed to the tee. Well, my busy project filled week make it look like that’s not going to happen this year but I did whip up a simple festive 4th of July banner using only supplies I had on hand. So if you are like me and realized that the 4th of July is this week, grab some brown paper bags and make your own festive bunting.

Washi Tape Paper Bag Bunting Garland | Sarah Hearts

Washi Tape Paper Bag Bunting Garland | Sarah Hearts

1. You will need brown paper bags (as many as you want), scissors, washi tape, string (I used baker’s twine) and double-sided tape. As a side note, if you find yourself using double-sided tape a lot, I high recommend you invest in a professional tape gun. It’s a lot cheaper than buying those tiny disposable ones at the craft store and the tape bonds to anything.

2. Open the fold on the bottom of a bag and cut off one of the flaps, very close to the crease.

3. Then cut a V shape on the opposite side.

4. Decorated with washi tape. I just folded the ends towards the back.

5. Apply double-sided tape inside the folded part.

6. Place the string on top of the double-sided tape. It’s easiest to start with the middle piece and work your way outward that way your bunting is centered on the string.

7. Press firmly to make sure the tape sticks to the string and bag.

8. Repeat steps 2-7 to create additional bunting panels. Then display your garland at your 4th of July get together!


  1. These are super cute! And you’re right about the 4th sneaking up so quickly! But luckily these are so quick, fun, and easy to make for Thursday!

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