DIY Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Learn how to create modern fall decor by painting twigs.

Is it just me or did we just go right from Halloween to Christmas? It seems like all the stores immediately transitioned into Christmas decor and completely skipped over Thanksgiving. So in effort to not forget Thanksgiving, I’m going to share some simple fall inspired DIY projects and recipes over the next couple of weeks.

I wanted to add a fall touch to our home so I thought it would be fun to paint twigs in a bold color block. We have three large oak trees in our front yard that are always dropping branches and twigs in our yard so I gathered a few twigs to use. If you don’t have any trees in your yard, I’m sure your neighbor wouldn’t mind if you took a few twigs (they actually would probably appreciate someone picking up the fallen branches)! I used my garden sheers to trim the twigs to an even height. I then used a foam brush and Martha Stewart craft paint in oranges, yellows, brown and gold to paint the ends of the twigs. The hard angle of the foam brush makes it easy to create a smooth line of paint so you don’t need to even tape the edges.

I placed the painted twigs in some ceramic milk jugs and set them on a serving tray. I think they would be lovely in a tall transparent jar or in a metal vase.

Tray from West Elm / Ceramic Milk Jugs from Fishs Eddy


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