Painted Front Doors

A collection of colorful painted front doors.

Painted Front Doors | Sarah Hearts


If you follow me on Pinterest, you may have realized I love bright, painted front doors. In fact, I have an entire board dedicated to them. I’ve been toying with the idea of painting our front doors. They are currently a dark, kinda muted barn red color. Since our house is a very light peach color, I thought it would fun to paint them a blue or teal hue. I’m just a bit afraid that it might look too beachy, but we do live in Florida and our house looks very much like a mid-century Florida house. It does have coral rock on the facade after all.

Since the Mr. isn’t as convinced of painting the front doors a rather untraditional color, he asked that I Photoshop it before hand. Such a brilliant idea! Why didn’t I think of that?

Below are my Photoshop’d images of our front entry way in its current state. Once I paint the front doors, I’m planning on swapping out the porch light, mailbox, and door mat. I’m also planning on adding some new plants to the empty large white planter. I had poinsettias in there for the holidays but put off replanting anything until I decided on a door color. Just keeping in real guys.

Which is your favorer color for our front doors? I’m leaning towards the first color but that soft lime green has me swooning.

Painted Front Doors | Sarah Hearts

1. Mint front door via Gorgeous Shiny Things / 2. Mustard yellow front door via Better Homes & Gardens / 3. Light lime front door via Better Homes & Gardens / 4. Teal front door via In Between Laundry / 5. Turquoise front door via Georgica Pond


  1. I love #2!! It is soothing to the eye with the surrounding greenery. My second pick would be #1 – the contrast is bright and vibrant!

  2. I love number 1! That shade of blue really compliments the green.

    On a side note, it’s awesome to see a preview of the color! Love that!

  3. Can you suggest a color for my front door? I’ve decided on a New England grey from behr paints with a white trim for the exterior of my home. I would like a stand out color for my front door. It’s currently blue which looks good. But I’m ready for a new color. No black, charcoal, red or yellow. My house faces north in sunny California. I do have a porch which provides all day shade.
    Thanks for your ideas!

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