DIY Paint Dipped Garden Tools

Get ready for spring gardening by creating your own set of stylish paint dipped garden hand tools.

Create your own set of Anthropologie inspired paint dipped garden tools.

After setting up my raised bed garden last week, I’ve been anxious to do more gardening. I used some left over paint to transform some cheap garden hand tools into ones a bit more stylish. After using the mint green paint left over from our hall closet makeover, I realized that the color is similar to these much more expensive mint ash wood garden tools from Anthropologie. A happy accident I guess!



– garden tools with wooden handles (I purchased mine for $4 each at Lowes)
– painter’s tape
– paint (I used Valspar’s Pantone paint in Bay, which was leftover from painting the inside of our open hall closet)
– cardboard box
quick grips, one for each tool
polyurethane sealing spray
– paper towels
– optional: flat leather cord for hanging the tools, 18″ piece per handle (similar)

Mask off the top portion of a wood handle before dipping it in paint.

1. Start by masking off the top portion of the wood handles with the painter’s tape. Since the handles are curved, just make sure the bottom edge of the tape is straight and smooth. The top edge of the tape will be slightly wrinkled.

Use quick grips to hang paint dipped items over a cardboard box.

2. Dip the paint handles in the can of paint. Allow them to drip for several seconds before carefully hanging them on the edge of a large cardboard box with the quick grips. Make sure the wood handles are not touching the box. After about 15-20 minutes carefully remove the tape. If you wait to remove the tape once the paint is completely dry (like I did) it’s more likely to peel off and not leave a clean edge (as you can see in the photo below). Then allow the paint to dry completely over night.

Spray paint dipped wooden handles with polyurethane to prevent the paint from chipping.

3. To prevent the paint from chipping, I recommend spraying the wood handles with polyurethane or acrylic spray. Before you do this, cover the metal parts with paper towels and painter’s tape to prevent that part from being sprayed. Then spray one light coat all over the wooden handles. Let that dry for 2 hours then apply a second coat and allow them to dry completely over night in a well ventilated area. Then they’re ready to be used!

Optional: If you like you can finish them with some leather cord like I did. Cut the leather cord into 18″ piece, thread through the hole in the handle, and tie in a knot. Trim the ends so they are even.

Transform plain garden tools into more stylish ones with some paint!

Create your own set of Anthropologie inspired paint dipped garden tools.

Pair these with your favorite herb plant and some clay stamped garden markers for a unique spring gift!


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