Chicken Feeder Succulent Planter

Learn how to transform a metal chicken feeder into a succulent planter.

Chicken Feeder Succulent Planter | Sarah Hearts

I stopped into Tractor Supply yesterday to pick up a few things for Justin and Darcy (my horse and dog) and found myself wandering around the aisle of livestock supplies when I stumbled upon this metal chicken feeder. I thought it would look great as a centerpiece for our patio table filled with succulents. So I headed home chickenless but with this chicken feeder.

Chicken Feeder Succulent Planter | Sarah Hearts

I first used about a 1/4″ drill bit to drill four drainage holes into the bottom of the feeder. I then placed some potting soil in the planter and transplanted some succulents from other pots I have on the patio. An instant low maintenance centerpiece for less than $6!

Chicken Feeder Succulent Planter | Sarah Hearts

The light green plant in the center is from our friend’s wedding last Saturday in Connecticut. I (somewhat) successfully managed to carry it on my flight home. I say somewhat because the plant made it undamaged but my the lining of my new purse is covered in soil. It was just too cute to not take home and plant!


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