My Personal 2013 Goals

I’m sharing my 2013 personal goals.

Happy Friday! Today I just wanted to share a little vlog about my personal goals. I’d love for you to watch it. (I’m warning you, some of them are kinda crazy and some are serious). Do you have any daily, weekly, or annual goals? I’d love to hear what they are!


  1. You go, girl!!!

    As for makeup – definitely take it slow. I used to watch a lot of videos to get tips, so you’ll definitely get the hang of it! Try MAC lipsticks with the finish of “lustre” (the colour High Tea is my all time favourite). Lustres are a little more sheer like a balm and are a great gateway into lipsticks. As for eyeliners, I pretty much only use the Urban Decay 24/7 liner pencils. They’re FANTASTIC. As a side note, we’re about the same colouring so I would highly recommend using the colour “Rockstar” – it’s a very deep purple. I use it quite literally everyday. On me, back is just too harsh and brown doesn’t look great. I find the purple is dark enough to look like black but has that great colouring to it to really make brown eyes pop.

    Another note about eyeliners – I really like Makeup Geek’s older videos. In here, she definitely shows you how to apply a good pencil liner. For me, however, I don’t apply any on the bottom – it gives me racoon eyes and accentuates the bags under my eyes. What I do is apply the top just like she does with the pencil but I also like my UPPER waterline. This helps make my lashes look nice and thick.

    My goals? Running a 5K! I am not athletically inclined whatsoever but I signed up for a 5K in May (Race to Wrigley!) and am hoping I can train enough before then to run *most* of it. :-)

  2. Ok, when you figure out eyeliner and lipstick, let me know. I’m with ya on it. Mascara, powder and a little blush is all I’m confident in. And I would LOVE to have a serger. I think it makes sewing projects look so polished and clean. Great goals!

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