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Now that June is 6 weeks old, I’m finally getting around to sharing a few of my favorite maternity photos. Keep reading to see a peek at our Venice Beach maternity shoot!

Now that June is seven (yes, seven!!!) weeks old already, I thought it would be appropriate to finally share our maternity photos. Since my brain is operating on little sleep these days, I feel this is totally acceptable now. So without further adieu, here are a some of my favorite shots from our evening with the oh-so-talented Jenna Elliott of One Eleven Photography.

Since I didn’t wear shear, flowy maternity dresses during my pregnancy I didn’t feel the need to do it for our maternity photos. Rather we opted to wear our “regular” clothes and go to one of our favorite locations—the beach! Since riding our bikes to the beach is one of our favorite weekend activities to do together, and one we did often during the pregnancy, we took them to the beach and I just love how they became the perfect prop for us. Jenna absolutely captured the moment so perfectly!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that my most-worn maternity item was my maternity overalls so I thought it was suiting to wear them for our photos. These were hands down the best clothing purchase I made during my pregnancy.

This one might be my favorite shot ever. I want to get it printed huge and frame it! Just need to find some wall space first.

I got the vintage gold daisy brooch that I’m wearing on my front pocket in Palm Springs on our baby moon. I just love how I will forever relate it to my pregnancy and that trip.

We took a few photos are our house and of course, Daisy had to join in!

After the beach, we walked around Venice and got a few more shots in the neighborhood just before the sun set.

The last shot of the evening was under the Venice sign, which at the time was commemorating 420, as you can see if you look closely at the photo above. It took a few attempts to get the photo as a videographer was trying to do the same thing.

After not having taken photos together since our wedding, nearly ten years ago, I’m so glad we hired Jenna to capture this special time in our lives. She stopped by last week to photograph June, and I can’t wait to share those photos with you soon.

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