Lilac, Plum and Soft Mint Color Palette

Rethink purple with this lilac, plum, and ocean mist mint color palette.

Rethink purple with this lilac, ocean mist, and plum color palette.

It’s true, if I had to choose, purple would be my least favorite color. Nothing personal, but I tend to prefer warm hues. But this color palette of lilac and plum has me rethinking my love of purple. Pair it with a very pale mint, like an ocean mist, and I’d say purple is pretty ok.

Painting by Ammiki. Print available in her shop.


  1. Oh, I love this combination! I’m like you, I tend to steer away from from purple but this is magical! It kind of reminds me of the colors in Frozen–maybe that is why I like it! :)

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