June: 8 Months

Baby Hearts is 8 months old! Here’s a a little update about sweet baby June Willow as part of my monthly series to document her growth.

8 months old!

June Willow is now 8 months old and I’m just realizing that we’re closer to her first birthday and her being a toddler than her being a new born. And. I. Just. Can’t. How is time going by so quickly? If funny, people always say time slips by quickly in LA because there aren’t really seasons but now with a baby time is going by at lightning speed.

This sweet girl is all about food (just like her mama). She hates bland food, especially bland baby purees and prefers to eat whatever we eat. Her all time favorites so far are salmon sashimi, chicken tikka masala and basically anything sweet, especially raspberries and mangoes.

Still not crawling but figuring out how to move around the room by rolling all over the place. Which is totally ok with me because we still haven’t done any baby proofing yet! She’s definitely found her voice and loves to squeal and babble all day.

Loves to smile at people when we’re out and about but not a fan of strangers touching her. Which I think will serve her well later. She’s crazy observant and loves to mimic what I’m doing. In fact, she just learned how to clap her hands and will do it on cue just by saying “clap, clap, clap!”

And still getting sweeter by the day.

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